Who We Are

Skybeam Searchlight is lighting the way for skylight rentals in Nebraska, Iowa, and the surrounding Midwest area.

We specialize in night time event attraction advertising. How do we do it? We put one or several millions of candle power beams of light into the sky.

Want to draw a crowd after dark? Try a searchlight from Skybeam Searchlight! Do you want the brightest light in town? Our 60 inch carbon arc searchlight can be seen up to 25 miles away! This 60 inch superstar will provide unmatched exposure for your business or event!

Want to have everyone talking about your special event for years to come? Rent our 4 Beam Searchlight with Super Quiet Whisperwatt Generators. The cloverleaf crossing pattern of beams provide a Hollywood Red Carpet feel. Any light you choose you will enjoy the excitement, experience and attention the lights are able to bring to your event.

Skybeam Searchlight also has smaller lights perfect for strip malls, weddings and locations where the bigger lights do not fit. The smaller lights stand 4 feet tall and can be setup on the sidewalk or entryway of your business. These two lights together provide the Hollywood effect making your event a special experience for customers and guests.

Make your guests feel like a VIP by doing a red carpet event with Searchlights!

Give a "wow" factor to your next event!

Watch our videos and look at photos of our lights in action!

What can our lights do for you? Request a Quote to find out just how cost effective it is!

Who Uses Searchlights?

Business events, Charity events, Grand openings, Automobile lots, Highschool Prom/Homecoming, Street dances, Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday parties, Sporting events, Concerts, Firework stands, Haunted Houses, Nativities, Christmas Events, New Years Eve parties and the list goes on...

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