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About Us

Ben Matheny started a business presence in Omaha, Nebraska for Skybeam Searchlight a few years ago. Our lights have been seen in the skies at many locations and events attracting attendees from near and far. We plan on renting these lights for many years to come in the surrounding areas.

The name Skybeam Searchlight was originally started by Robert Matheny of Kearney, Nebraska. Robert focused on the restoration of searchlights from military format to commercial advertising. Over 40 conversions were completed and resold to advertisers around the United States.

Skybeam Searchlight in Omaha, Nebraska, focuses on renting these lights to organizations for advertising.

Using Skybeam Searchlight for searchlight advertising at your next event is the best decision you can make. Go with the best and let us shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do I need to provide when your lights come on-site?
Answer: Just a flat area that we can park the trailer on. You are not required to provide any power as the trailer has a built-in generator for the large carbon arc lights. Gas for the generator and all other accessories will be provided by us. If rented, the smaller HID bulb lights requires a standard 120 volt plug that you will need to provide, we will have the neccessary power cords to reach your outlet.

Question: This sounds expensive, what is the costs?
Answer: We take pride in providing a very cost effective rental rate. Please request a quote from us to see our pricing.

Give us a call 402-679-6469

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